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Muriel Green Nursery operates a CCTV scheme with the aim is to provide a safer and more secure environment for the benefit of children, parents and staff.
Images are monitored, recorded and used in strict accordance in line with our privacy notice and policy.


The Headteacher (Gemma Williamson), School Business Officer (Priscilla Amadis) and Nursery Manager (Sue Wells) are responsible for the operation of the system and for ensuring compliance with this policy. The CCTV remote support and maintenance is managed by LJS System Ltd, Hoddesdon.


Data Protection Act 2018:
If the C.C.T.V. digital images show a recognizable person then it is classed as Personal Data and will be covered by the Data Protection Act.


The CCTV system
CCTV is provided in the following locations:
• Baby room
• Baby sleep room
• Ocean room
• Rainbow room
• Quiet room
• Sunshine room
• Headteacher office
• Garden
• Main corridor to exit door
• Sunshine room corridor


Although every effort has been made to ensure maximum effectiveness of the CCTV system we cannot guarantee that CCTV will detect every incident taking place within the Nursery.


We will monitor the system to:
• Provide security and safety for children, parents and staff
• Provide security of our premises and equipment
• It is recognized that images are sensitive material and subject to the Data Protection Act 2018.



Digital recordings are made using digital video recorders operating in real time mode. Images will be initially be viewed by Headteacher and recordings will normally be stored for 20 days from the date of recording before being deleted.


Access to images

Access to images will be restricted to Headteacher (Gemma Williamson), School Business Officer (Priscilla Amadis) and Nursery Manager (Sue Wells)


Disclosure of recorded material to third parties is limited to the following:
• Law enforcement agencies where images recorded would assist in a criminal enquiry and/or the prevention of terrorism and disorder.
• Prosecution agencies.
• Emergency services in connection with the investigation of an incident.
• The CCTV System is for internal use only.
• On rare occasions, the Headteacher may request a private viewing of footage with a witness. This will be as part of an investigation into incident/accident believed to have happened within our Nursery.
• The necessary registration has been completed with Information Commissioner Office for data protection regarding the usage of C.C.T.V.