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Curiosity Approach at Muriel Green

The Curiosity Approach is a modern day approach to Early Childhood. Taking parts from world famous approaches and philosophers and combining them to current an environment and curriculum that develops awe and wonder. The approach encourages talk and hands on learning preparing them for adulthood.


Muriel Green is full of eclectic resources, items which create elements of exquisite opportunities for awe and wonder and promote a sense of curiosity for children to investigate and explore. Far removed from traditional plastic counterparts, authentic resources offer stimulation of the senses, through sight, smell and touch. Gone are the traditional plastic toys replaced by ceramics, breakables and artefacts which encourage risk taking and a deep understanding of respect for resources and belongings.


By allowing children to handle breakables we are showing them that we trust in their abilities as capable and confident learners, giving them the responsibility to handle such special and delicate items. Authentic resources promote opportunities for intrigue and sustained shared thinking. Levels of concentration and attention are increased, with children taking greater care to handle and manipulate breakables.