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Muriel Green Nursery School

For all your education and day care needs for under 5's

Nursery School

Outdoor Environment

Hours of Opening
15 hour 

Flexi 1 - Monday, Tuesday 8.30-3.30 and Wednesday morning 8.30-3.30

Flexi 2 - Wednesday afternoon 12.30-3.30, Thursday and Friday 8.30-3.30
Day Care 7.45 am. to 6.15 pm daily


30 hour 

Monday - Thursday 8.30-3.30

Friday - 8.30-10.30

Day Care 7.45 am. to 6.15 pm daily


The nursery provides a variety of packages to must support your needs. Children attend for 2 1/2 days at the beginning or end of the week. We also offer 30 hour places for families who qualify. Wrap around care is also available for a charge.