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Yum Yum Catering

Yum Yum Food Company have extensive experience of cooking for under 5's. They have learnt how to make good, home cooked food appealing to the little ones whilst keeping it good value and nutritious. Their kitchen is nut, pork and seafood free. All main meals are egg free.


Yum Yum Food Company provide a 3-week rotational lunch and tea menu suitable for the under 5s, vegetarians and babies.


There is a dedicated area in our kitchens for the preparation of meals for children with specific allergies. 

All menus including dietary menus can be accessed via their website, 

We take allergy control very seriously at Muriel Green. Therefore, we ask  that you provide the Nursery directly with medical confirmation of any allergies to ensure that the correct food is ordered and our allergy matrix is kept up to date. 
Sample Baby Lunch Menu
Sample Regular Child Lunch Menu