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Learning at home

“For all children, the quality of the home learning environment is more important for intellectual and social development than parental occupation, education or income. What parents do is more important than who parents are.”

~ Kathy Sylva et al.


Research shows that children who engage in learning activities at home attain better intellectual, social and behavioural development scores. So, as parents, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. This is why building strong partnerships with you is our priority.

We share what your child is learning on a daily, weekly and termly basis, so you can reinforce skills at home. We suggest related activities and resources that are easy to set up. And we listen carefully to the information you share, so we have a complete picture of how to support your child.

How We Support Learning at Home

Catch Ups

Every fortnight, you’ll have a catch up call with your child’s key person. They’ll share what your child has achieved, and how to support their goals.

Every half term, we share a video that explains what we’re doing at school, ways you can support at home, and key vocabulary. In these videos we also answer your questions. Get in touch to share the topics you’d like to hear about.

Video Information Presentations


Each week, we share what the whole nursery has been up to in our newsletter. We often include a fun learning activity you can do at home.

Story Sack Library

There are a range of story sacks in the reception area that you can borrow-bags of high quality books, props and resources to enhance reading, encourage storytelling and foster a love of words.

Book Shed  

Our book shed is a little library of books for the whole family - little ones, older siblings and grown-ups! Open every day, all year round, we encourage everyone to borrow and create a strong culture of reading at home.

Home Library

We give each child five books a year to keep, so they can make their own home library. We share guidance on how to bring the book alive, related learning activities, and a video of our practitioners reading the book for your child to watch at home.

Home Learning Packs

If your child is finding one topic or skill especially hard, they can take home a learning pack to build up their confidence in these areas.

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