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Meet Our People

Every setting is built on their team

For the team at Muriel Green, daycare and teaching is much more than a job. We care deeply about children’s happiness and success. Our classrooms are joyful places to be, where children are engaged and teachers give praise and encouragement. We listen to parents and families, and work together with them to help children achieve their full potential.

Find out more about the qualified, experienced leadership team at Muriel Green below.

Roots Leadership Team 


Hayley Yendell

Headteacher and Curriculum Lead, Roots Federation

With vision, commitment and care, Hayley takes a lead on the curriculum for Roots Nurseries, ensuring it sets all our children up for happiness and success.

Hayley is a proficient leader with decades of experience leading early years settings. In 2001 she became deputy headteacher at a three-form primary school in Stevenage where she took on special responsibility for early years.

She went on to become an early years adviser at Herts for Learning, a company whose mission is to improve education across the county. In this role, Hayley gave consultation, training and support that improved outcomes for over 100 schools.

Hayley sits on a governing body of  Governor of South Hill Primary School (Hemel ) and trustee of the Claxton Trust (Stevenage), and is a trustee at a multi-academy trust, where she shares her expertise with the wider community.

Gemma Williamson.jpg

Gemma Williamson 

Headteacher and SENCo, Roots Federation

Gemma is Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for the Roots Nurseries, and takes a lead in the Federation’s business and strategic decisions.

In 2010, she led the foundation stage at Laurence Haines primary school in Watford. In recognition of her impressive leadership, the local authority made her a Leading Teacher. In this role, she helped schools across the county improve their early years provision.

Gemma took the headship at Muriel Green Nursery in 2017. That same year, she achieved the National Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Award.

She began working as a consultant to the headteachers at Oxhey Early Years in 2021. Here, she had the vision to collaborate with Heath Lane Nursery to improve all three settings, a vision which eventually led to co-founding the Roots Federation.

Gemma sits on the governing bodies of two maintained primary schools in Hertfordshire, keeping her up to date with educational practice beyond early years. She also sits on two boards representing the voice of maintained nursery schools.


Suzie pilgrim - Senior Teacher 

Suzie has been an early years teacher in Hertfordshire for thirteen years. She worked as an Early Years Lead in a three-form-entry school, before going to be the Deputy Head of a large school. She’s an expert in phonics, the learning environment and the role of the adult in 'discover and do'. She also has a particular interest in early childhood brain development.

“I love introducing new initiatives, and measuring how much they help our children. It’s a joy to work alongside children in ‘discover and do’, and to be present for all the moments when children come alive with awe and wonder. I’m blessed to be part of such a wonderful, forward thinking team who are making a difference to children’s lives.”

Sue Wells - Daycare Manger

Sue has worked in early years for over 25 years. During this time, she practised in three pre-schools, and managed her own setting for fourteen years. Sue has been the daycare manager at Muriel Green for the last four years.

Sue is adept at building high quality, trusting relationships with families, and supports new parents when they leave their children for the first time.


“It’s a pleasure to support and watch as the children settle in, making new friends and getting their first sense of community. I love the depth and breadth of our curriculum - how it keeps children engaged and excited to learn. It’s so rewarding to see children and staff succeed and achieve where they thought they couldn't.”


Chloe Reade 
Deputy Day Care manageR


Sarah Jane O’Brien
Class Teacher 


Tabitha Cairns
Class Teacher 


Lynn Maguire 
Early Years Practitioner


Kimberley John
Early Years Practitioner


Paula Morais
Early Years Practitioner


Wing Yi Law
Early Years Practitioner


Audrey Evans
Early Years Practitioner 


Fatima Bibi
Early Years Practitioner

Muriel Green - Branding -24.png

Karen benbow
Early Years Practitioner

Muriel Green - Branding -24.png

sandra ramsey
Early Years Practitioner

Muriel Green - Branding -24.png

louisa casey
Early Years Practitioner


Nicola Gosling
Early Years Practitioner


Hannah Searle 
Early Years Practitioner 


Feen Seymour
Early Years Practitioner 


Kelsey Stanislaus
Early Years Practitioner

Sam Tearle (1).JPG
Celine Mulvaney (002).JPG
Emma Stratton.jpeg

Lizzie Crampton
Early Year Practitioner

Sam Tearle 
Early Years Practitioner

Celine Mulaney 
Early Years Practitioner

Emma Stratton
Early Years Practitioner


Marta Lopez Onate
Early Years Practitioner

Rafa Salam
Early Years Practitioner

Elliot Jermyn
Early Year Practitioner

Tanyia Gomes
Early Year Practitione

Jan Honeybell .JPG
Muriel Green - Branding -24.png

Priscilla Amadis 
School Business Officer 

jan honeybell
School Adminstrator

Maureen Southwell
School Adminstrator

janet lenord
Early Year Practitioner

Paula Barnes.JPG

Paula Barnes
School Cook

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