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How We Teach Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design focuses on nurturing children's creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Our curriculum offer gives children the time and opportunity to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through art, music, dance, drama.


Our children learn to discuss artists and artwork. They understand the different effects different media can create, from powder paint to watercolours. They learn the skills to become independent artists themselves and through being taught to use a range of tools and media they are soon able to express themselves independently.


We offer children exposure to a wide range of stories to excite them and give them a bank of imaginary worlds to draw upon. Staff model how to take on a role and how to use materials to create narratives, build worlds, and enact roleplays.


We offer all children the opportunity to listen to and perform live music! We expose children to a wide range of musical genres and discuss the different sounds instruments make. We have built links with local musicians and ensure that we always have opportunities to play musical accompaniment during our singing sessions.

Supportive Environment:

  • We provide a wide range of accessible resources (glue, paint, paper, material, brushes, scissors, musical instruments etc)  to ensure that children have the resources they need to express themselves!

  • We create role play areas and opportunities to allow children to explore different roles, characters, and scenarios, enhancing their creativity and developing their social skills.


Children hear a wide range of musical genres and are always given the opportunity to move to the beat! When learning about different cultures and traditions they often learn about dance, for example they will watch a Lion dance when finding out about the Lunar New Year Celebrations.

Family Involvement

  • We share the music of the week on the so that you can listen to the genre at home.

  • We invite families to a Christmas singing performance.

  • Story sacks can be borrowed to provide enriched reading experiences and promote creative storytelling.

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