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Beyond the Nursery

At Muriel Green, we believe that education should go beyond the classroom, and give children every opportunity to connect to nature, community and the outside world.

Meeting new people and exploring places beyond the nursery gives your child the foundation they need to become confident citizens of the world. It allows their innate love of nature to flourish, and supports their long term health, happiness and wellbeing.


Community walks

Each week, we go on a walk into the community to help children understand their place in the wider world.

We visit religious buildings, the community park, the market and much more. The trips build curriculum skills and bridge gaps in children’s knowledge. For example, by visiting a fruit stall, they understand seasonality better.

The walks are rich and exciting experiences, and children love putting what they’re learnt at nursery into practice.

Embracing the Community

We warmly invite the wider community into Muriel Green, encouraging children to become curious, open and accepting learners.

We recognise all festivals celebrated by children at the nursery. We invite families to share stories and recipes from their culture, or in their language. Children share photographs of their parents and families, and artefacts from their home, and we talk about the differences together.

We also invite members of the community from different professions, religions and cultures to come and share their stories.

Embracing the community creates an atmosphere of warmth, inclusion and acceptance at the nursery.

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