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Online Safety

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Technology can be a wonderful source of enjoyment and education for children of any age. However, using technology comes with risks, including online bullying, malware, contact from strangers, addiction and inappropriate content.

Roots Nurseries only use devices in groups with adult supervision, so we can be sure children are safe.

Our Guidelines

We’ve put together some guidelines to keep your child happy, safe and psychologically healthy online.

  • Set parental controls on home broadband

  • Use the internet together

  • Be positive about suitable and educational content

  • Take advantage of safety technology such as time restrictions and site blockers

  • Create a family agreement around times, sites and behaviour

  • Give children technology in communal parts of the house

  • Educate your child about online safety - the resources below will help

  • Talk to your child if something online upsets them

  • When choosing games, stick to the right age ratings

Resources for Parents and Carers

The NSPCC and Childnet have quality, comprehensive guides on keeping your child safe online:

Resources for Children

These engaging, illustrated stories will help you teach your child about how to use technology safely. Topics include: being a good friend, unreliable information, strangers online, protecting personal information, in-app purchases and handling upsetting images.

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