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Your child needs maths to thrive at every stage of their education, and to get on well in the world. We give all our children a firm grounding in mathematics that sets them up to flourish in school and beyond.

How We Teach Mathematics


When it comes to maths, children benefit from strong foundational skills. So we ensure they’re confident sorting, classifying and subitising before moving onto counting and more formal number work.


In our outdoor environments, children learn how to count small numbers using concrete, natural materials such as pebbles and snack equipment.

Song and Rhyme

We teach numbers through song and rhyme, and our practitioners will seize contextual opportunities for children to count.

Shape and Number

When they’re ready, we challenge children to spot patterns, use larger numbers, and name shapes. We weave mathematical vocabulary into everything we do, so children effortlessly develop their understanding, ready for school.

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