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Information sharing 

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Our Ethos on Information Sharing

We believe the key to maximising children’s learning is through strong partnerships with parents. Research shows that these strong collaborations have significant impact on children’s progress.


Why we do not send home individual photos

We have moved away from producing traditional learning journals and individual photos of children. Instead, we have developed strategies that we believe will have a greater impact on your child’s learning. These strategies are:

  • Dedicating all of our time in session staying ‘in the moment’ with your child

  • Dedicating all our time out of session directly communicating with you as their first educator


Children make most progress when they receive rich interactions with highly skilled adults. All staff are tasked with one thing during sessions; to be valuable play partners and responsive educators. Rather than take photos and then make notes our staff seize teachable moments to move learning forward and are always available for children-never frantically writing up a note or asking children to wait. This results in highly engaged children and rich learning experiences.


We do, however, use a range of strategies to communicate with you about your child/ren. The guide below outlines the many ways we share information and the frequency you should expect the information to be shared.

How we share information with you...


Your Child

Your Key group

We share information about your child through:

  • Fortnightly catch up calls with your child’s key person

  • Termly individual reports

We share information about your child’s key group through:

  • Daily group board

  • Daily email report

  • Weekly MarvellousMe! reading book, vocabulary and story map

marvellous me

The School

We share information about the whole school through:

  • Weekly emails

  • Weekly newsletters

  • Weekly Facebook updates

  • Half termly information presentations

  • Website

To find out more about how we collaborate with you, and the reasons for our approach, take a look at our Communications Strategy.

We use the Marvellous Me app to share the following information about your child’s Key Group:

  • The Key Group book for the week or fortnight

  • The vocabulary your child is learning, to help them read the book

  • A story map to help them retell the story at school and home

  • Messages for everyone in your child’s Key Group

  • A badge to let you know that your child has settled in

Remember, you cannot share information through the MarvellousMe app.

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